Barbara Hawley

Barbara Hawley is a mother of two boys. William 11 and Justin 9.and she is also a wife to Shane. Barbie had severe migraine headaches from an early age. As she got older, these symptoms worsened and were accompanied by numbness in all parts of here body and even sometimes temporary paralysis. In Nov.014 she was diagnosed with CIARI MALFORMATION TYPE 1. This is when the brain tissue sinks down into the opening at the top of the spine and cuts off the spinal fluid from the brain. If this was not treated quickly, it could have resulted in death. Surgery shortly followed and left her unable to work or care for herself or her family. Thankfully, after 6 hours on the operating table, and a lot of wonderful people praying for her, the result was instant relief of all her symptoms. Can't Never Could was honored to help her family with their financial burdens while she missed work during recovery and her husband took a medical leave of absence to care for Barbara and the family. In Shane's own words: Thank You to the awesome people at CAN'T NEVER COULD who helped us financially, so that I could be home for a few weeks to help her recover properly.

Grant Date: July 7, 2015