Chad Peacock

Chad Peacock of Los Angeles, California has been battling brain cancer since April of 2012. Chad shares with us: I'm a writer, and I've been writing about my experiences on I have also spent the last two years writing a MOVIE about cancer, and it is finished! The screenplay, at least I'm starting a non-profit Foundation (called The Cancerful Foundation) to raise money to help me make this film. And once the film comes out, all the profits it makes will go to the Cancerful Foundation, to help people just like you are doing. Even the movie itself will help the Cancerful (as I like to call us)-- it is funny, and sad, and above all REAL. Above everything I hope it will show people that it's possible to live WITH cancer, instead of just thinking you're dying of it. As for my GBM -- I had my 3rd brain surgery in June but I'm doing really well, all things considered. I'm able to write, and to enjoy my days, and that's enough for me. But what I really want is to make this film, so I can help as many people as possible. We were honored to help Chad with his meet his financial needs as he continues his battle.

Grant Date: July 7, 2015