Greg Haynes

Can’t Never Could scholarship recipient, Greg Haynes, recently began his college career at ClemsonLIFE on the campus of Clemson University. The ClemsonLIFE program at Clemson University is designed for students with intellectual disabilities who desire a postsecondary experience on a college campus. The mission of the ClemsonLIFE Program at Clemson University is to provide a coordinated course of study that includes career exploration and preparation along with self-awareness, discovery, and personal improvement through a framework of courses, job internships, and community participation. We are so excited to be able to share in Greg’s victories at ClemsonLIFE. We have recently learned from his mother, Kristi, that Greg is doing great in the program and is serving as an encourager to others who are attending. Thank you for your support of Can’t Never Could! You allow us to help people like Greg make a difference in this world.

Grant Date: July 7, 2015